Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

Desperately Seeking Work-Life Balance?  Play Hide-and-Seek No More!


Ever feel like you’re fighting time? Most mompreneurs do. It’s a constant struggle to juggle professional responsibilities and personal commitments and professional commitments and personal responsibilities.

It can seem endless and daunting.

If you’re like a lot of moms, you’re most likely running yourself ragged, trying to grow your business so that you can provide a better life for yourself and your kids. But doesn’t it sometimes feel like you don’t have time for the very ones you’re working so hard to make a better life for?

I thought so.

You need more time.

Time to do the things that are really and truly important in your life.

Unfortunately, you have to sift through hundreds of emails and answer dozens of them. You have to manage your website (yes, you should most definitely have one of these if you’re trying to grow your biz) and blog (you need this too). Your posts and web content will require research and hyper-polished writing, which means hours of sitting at your desktop making friends with Google—all while your kiddo begs you to construct a small yet very expansive cardboard city in your dining room.

Have you considered getting a behind-the-scenes partner to help you?

Have you thought about hiring someone to help free up your schedule, so that you can focus on the things that you and only you can do to add value to your business and to your family?

A Virtual Assistant is a super smart alternative to hiring an actual employee. VAs are so much more affordable because they’re independent contractors. That means, for example, that you don’t have to pay a full-time employee for an eight-hour-day when, really, there’s only six hours’ worth of work to be done.

Hiring an independent contractor also means that you don’t have the headaches of keeping up with sick leave, payroll, and all that comes with.

I’m sure you can think of a few more benefits of hiring an independent contractor as opposed to an employee. But you might be wondering how exactly a Virtual Assistant can help.

How can a VA help you

I’m so glad you asked!


  1. Manage your email, social media, website, and blog: Keeping clients and securing new clients requires thoughtful responses to emails, social media posts, and blog comments.  A good VA will be quite familiar with social media management and updating your WordPress site.  And instead of you sorting through hundreds of emails, most of which are most likely spam, your trusted VA can sort your emails into folders. This way you’ll always know exactly what demands your attention. Your VA can make things easy for you by organizing your emails into folders labeled as, URGENT, HEADS-UP, and TO DO, for example. Finally, you’ll no longer dread opening your inbox!
  1. Proofread and edit existing content for a hyper-polished impression: Of course, you  already know that mompreneurs, especially, have to put their best self out there. That means always presenting yourself professionally and with refinement. Even if you don’t feel that your business is all that glamorous, in the world of marketing, you simply have to have a professionally polished web presence. However, when you’re going at the speed of sound, that polished approach may not always come shining through. When you’re frantically trying to juggle everything, typos and grammatical mistakes are inevitable. A good VA can  proofread and edit previously published content in a snap. Viola! You’re suddenly spiffed up!
  1. Produce and curate content, including website copy, blog posts, social media posts, and email marketing copy: The best VAs have mad writing chops. They’re able to not only write a prize-winning piece, but they’re also able to seamlessly match your writing style and do so to your specifications. Think of the hours you’ll save yourself. No more staring into a blank monitor, panicked to come up with new content. Finally—a cure for your writer’s block!
  1. Send invoices and friendly reminders, and post payments: I’m just going to take a wild guess that you’re not too keen on invoicing. Most of us aren’t. Your VA can not only invoice customers but send friendly reminders of past due amounts. No more frustrating and awkward moments for you when trying to collect.

You’ll save hours in billing time—just think of all the FUN STUFF you’ll be able to get done now!

  1. Conduct research for your future marketing copywriting: We’ve already discussed how a VA can help you create content and proofread previously published content. If you really want meaningful content that gets Google’s motor running, it requires research. This is an added, labor-intensive step that has mostly likely been eating up your schedule. Your VA can conduct the research you’d like acquired for your upcoming marketing materials, for example, and your future content will be optimized because of it. That means more traffic to you. That means growing your bottom-line!


You’re excited, aren’t you? You should be! You’re about to have newfound freedom.

And that’s something to get excited about. Just think of how much time will be at your disposal when you no longer have to spend dozens of hours researching, writing, typing, editing, proofing, posting, following up, commenting, emailing, invoicing….

Darn right, you should be excited. In fact, go find that old vacation brochure you tucked away three years ago.

Go on, now.

We’ll wait…


It’s important to think of hiring a VA not as an expense but as an investment. If I spend money, I can recoup it. If I buy something and it breaks, I can buy another one. Anything I have and lose,  I can get back again. Well, almost anything.

There are two exceptions:

  • TIME: You never get time back. Think about it. Once time is lost, it’s lost forever. That’s, of course, why we call him the “evil Dr. Time.”
  • FAMILY: Unfortunately, once our kiddos are grown, they’re grown forever.


Take back your precious moments today. A good VA is more affordable than you think. If your budget doesn’t allow for an array of services, just start off small. Pick the one service that eats up most of your valuable time and outsource to a competent VA. You’ll be glad you did.

A great Virtual Assistant is a good investment!

Can you really afford not to have one?

 What’s one thing you could assign to your trusted VA in order to free up your schedule for the MOST important things in life?